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Find The Right Product For Your Needs

Find The Right Product For Your Needs









The Elbee brand story is one of convenience and perfection; and a song of love.

Experience the love



Stay Cool

Save Big

Stay cool and comfortable with the best air coolers on the market. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them versatile cooling solutions. Whether you want to cool a small room, a large living area, a patio, or a workshop, our air coolers can effectively provide relief from heat in various environments.

Blend better

Blend faster!

Introducing our new and improved Pro Blenders, built with an unwavering focus on power and durability. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a health-conscious individual, this is the blender you’ve been waiting for.

Fill it.

On it.

Forget it.

The power of our automatic thermostat sets our water kettle apart. You can fill with water, power it on, and forget you ever turned it on, literally! We, however, recommend power conservation to save the planet.

One press

is enough!

About 2kgs of pure muscle to straighten out your clothes with one press!

Why Our Products Are The Best

Our dedication

Through constant research and development, we are able to produce appliances that outperform any that our customers have used before. We do so while staying environmentally friendly.

Industry expertise

With over 15 years of constant research, customer feedback, production, and distribution within the African continent, we understand the unique needs of the people in the subregion and produce appliances that solve real life problems.

Premium Raw Materials

All inputs go through a rigorous selection process to ensure the selection of the best materials: Plastic parts are made of the right polymer chains; metallic parts are also made of the most stable allotropes; electrical circuits are built with durable transistors to guarantee long term durability.


Our deep understanding of the African socio-cultural, and economic climate allows us to keep improving on existing technology, resulting in the creation of new ground-breaking product features.

Sales partners

With over 50,000 distribution partners, we have maintained a continuously increasing brand proximity. This means the ease of finding our products near you keeps increasing year on year.

Best Quality & Price

By employing the best technological practices, a 15-year understanding of the subregion, a rigorous material selection process, continuous innovation, and our broad network of distribution partners, we are able to produce the best electrical appliances in the most cost efficient ways. In short, we offer the best value for money.