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16″ Stand Fan with 10 Blades – Doubly S1

  • Premium performance high-quality motor
  • 16 inches with double blades
  • 60-minute timer
  • 90 degrees oscillation
  • Overview

    Made with the best materials available, the Doubly S1 is packed with enough power to blow your socks off, while maintaining complete stealth.

    It has a sturdy round base that keeps it well-grounded and upright to enable the powerful motor whiz the blades around. It's designed with 10 blades; 5 big blades and 5 smaller blades arranged in two rows. This special arrangement of blades allows this fan superior cool breeze capabilities.

    It also has a timer with which you can determine how long it stays powered on. This functionality is especially ideal for enhancing your bedtime experience. You can set the timer to shut the fan down 30 minutes after you have fallen asleep.

    Details + dimensions

    • Cage size:
    • Max. stand height:
    • Blades
      10 Plastic blades
    • Quantity per carton:
    • Max. timer duration
      60 min