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18″ Wall Fan – W18

  • 18" turbo breeze
  • Extra strong motor
  • 5-wing propeller
  • Metallic safety grill
  • Overview

    You will fall in love with the Elbee W18 wall fan once you get to experience its superior performance.

    With a big 18" basket housing 5 specially engineered blades that cut through the air with the precision to ensure maximum outflow of air, the only expression we can think of to describe the feeling is love.

    The fan's speed and blade swing are regulated by two strings; pulling one will increase speed while pulling on the other changes the swing direction of the blades. This special design is included to afford you the ease of operating this fan even if you install it on lofty heights.

    To top it all, this engineering beauty will beautify your home/office space with its sleek design.

    Details + dimensions

    • Cage size:
    • mountain bracket:
    • Blades:
      5 Plastic blades
    • Quantity per carton: