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3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer – TNS9KVA

  • Capacity: 1500VA
  • Output: 380V
  • Wide input: 100V-260V
  • BS plug-top input cable
  • 2-pin and 3-pin universal
  • Dedicated 110V 2-pin output socket
  • Overview

    The 3-phase voltage stabilizer is ideal for household and businesses that use a 3-phase meter. Have your peace of mind when everybody else is losing money because of power fluctuations that destroy their appliances. The 3-phase voltage regulator is engineered to protect your appliances from these power fluctuations. Protect your TV, home theatre, radio, tabletop fridge, and other electrical appliances with the Elbee 3 Phase Voltage stabilizer. For your comfort, it manages power automatically.

    Details + dimensions

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