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Heavy Duty Dry Iron – HD2

  • Heavy sure glide soleplate
  • 3-pin plug top with safety fuse fitted inside
  • Simplified temperature control
  • Comfortable handle, Easy-to-grip
  • Button grooves for easy maneuvering around buttons
  • Overview

    The Elbee Heavy Duty Dry Iron has a heavy sure glide soleplate that can straighten out your crumpled clothes in just one press! The HD range of irons has a broad soleplate which covers more surface area in one glide. Take advantage of this to significantly reduce your ironing time. Soleplate is Teflon coated to allow for easy gliding over your clothes as you iron. This saves you time, protects your delicate clothes from clumping together, and makes the whole ironing experience a lot more fun. There are button grooves to allow for easy navigation around buttons as you iron. It has a simple temperature control system and a comfortable handle which is easy to grip, giving you more control. It also has a 3-pin plug top with safety fuse fitted inside.

    Details + dimensions

    • Teflon soleplate:
    • Cable length:
    • Plug type:
    • Quantity per carton: