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Two-Burner Automatic Gas Cooker – A21

  • Blue flame that indicates complete combustion
  • Automatic ignition
  • Robust engineering to last long
  • 2 big burners with ample space in-between
  • Overview

    Our A range of gas cookers are built to withstand the pressure of continuous usage. It's fitted with two large burners and a large bridge in between to make multitasking a cool breeze.

    Like all our range of top gas cookers, it has large burners that produce beautiful blue flames, an indication of complete combustion so that your pots do not darken from soot. Its metal frame is coated with an anti-rust coating to protect it from water spillages that would otherwise cause it to rust. Each burner is also equipped with an automatic ignition mechanism which means you do not need a match stick to start your cooking.

    Details + dimensions

    • Ignition
    • Number of burners
    • Quantity per carton: